Riderwood Reporter Submission Guidelines

  1. Articles should be sent to Christopher Taydus at ctaydus@erickson.com no later than the monthly deadline. (See deadlines below)
  2. It is recommended that resident writers attend monthly writers meetings located in the TV studio or Admin conference room at 3:00 p.m. (See dates below)
  3. All articles should be submitted as Word documents.
  4. The document should be named (First Name.Last Name)_(Subject of the article)
  5. Include a suggested title for the article at the very top. If you do not have a suggestion, the editor will create a title for you.
  6. The byline should be below the title/headline. It includes the writer’s first and last name with your title on the second line.
  7. The text should be single-spaced with indented paragraphs in 11 pt. Times New Roman font.
  8. All photos should be submitted in the highest possible resolution as a separate attachment in jpg format.
  9. Please avoid personal pronouns. Stories should be written in the third person if they are not opinion editorials.
  10. Standard articles should be 250-350 words. Please contact the editor if you would like a word extension.
  11. Please aim to use AP format when writing your article. The basics of AP format can be found here.
  12. Please be aware of unintentional plagiarism or misquoting. Re-word information that you may have gotten from an outside news source and only quote someone when you are absolutely sure that the quote is accurate.


2018 Riderwood Reporter Writers Meetings & Article Submission Deadlines

  • November Reporter
    • Writers Meeting: Tuesday, October 2
    • Submission Deadline: Monday, October 15
  • December Reporter
    • Writers Meeting: Thursday, November 1
    • Submission Deadline: Monday, November 12
  • January (2019) Reporter
    • Writers Meeting: Tuesday, December 4
    • Submission Deadline: Friday, December 14

Deadlines for the 2019 editions of the newspaper will be posted in early November.