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Riderwood Reporter May 2018 FINAL-1

The Riderwood Reporter
May 2018

Includes stories on returning employee Jason Spivey, running resident Jack McMahon, new Medicare cards, the Legacy Society, English Language Training classes for staff, recycling statistics, understanding drug benefits, resident Paul Pumphrey’s activist mother and her legacy, as well as information on upcoming concerts, presentations, and performances.

Riderwood Reporter April 2018 FINAL-1

The Riderwood Reporter
April 2018

Includes stories on new TV Production Coordinator Courtney Coombs, Wally Greenberg’s work in physics, the Needlecrafters work, “Take Charge of Your Healthcare Decisions Day,” Bird Feeding Guidelines, the upcoming gun regulation march by the new Generation to Generation group, information on the start of the Bocce season, preregistration for PGCC classes, previews of upcoming concerts, performances, and events, and much more

Riderwood Reporter March 2018 FINAL

The Riderwood Reporter
March 2018

Includes stories on the RAC election results, Olivia Shapiro, Staff Appreciation Fund, feeding wild birds, the White Glove Initiative, Transitioning to Arbor Ridge, and previews of upcoming events and concerts including the Teelin Irish Dance Company, Dr. Zin Jacque, and the 2018 Riderwood Talent Show.

Riderwood Reporter February 2018FINAL

The Riderwood Reporter
February 2018

Includes stories on African American History Month, the 2018 Opportunities Fair, the new Health Service Committee at Riderwood, the Mardi Gras celebration with the Nights Owls, the upcoming PAC Classical Concert Series performance, tips for selecting a hearing aid, and much more!

Riderwood Reporter January 2018 FINAL

The Riderwood Reporter
January 2018

Includes stories on Riderwood TV, resident’s new year’s resolutions, talent show tickets, the Riderwood Democratic Club, the 2018 Community Resources Handbook, the winter lives of Riderwood animals, Earth Day 2018, and previews of the upcoming concerts in January.

Riderwood Reporter December 2017 FINAL-1

The Riderwood Reporter
December 2017

Includes stories on Winterfest 2017, new Associate Executive Director Dee Dee Gray-Weaver, Tapestry of Tales, donating this holiday season, a recap of the resident/staff bocce tournament, resident holiday celebration, concert & event previews, and much much more! Plus: a Riderwood Winter Weather Guide, and an end of the year crossword puzzle.

Riderwood Reporter November 2017 FINAL-1

The Riderwood Reporter
November 2017

Includes stories on Riderwood resident 0001, the front desk communications specialists, fall fitness, the Turkey Trot, Avoiding Phone Scams, Winterfest 2017, the animals of the Riderwood campus, and previews of upcoming concerts and events.

Riderwood Reporter October 2017 FINAL-1

The Riderwood Reporter
October 2017

Includes stories on Erickson Living’s Hurricane Harvey Relief, Gala 2017 Recap, the 2017 Resident Satisfaction Survey, the Riderwood Sales & Marketing Department, Longtime friends reunited at Riderwood, the upcoming Daniel Buccino presentation on the Rules of Civility, the Staff Appreciation Fund, Mindfulness, the upcoming Nutritionist presentation, and much more!

Riderwood Reporter September 2017 FINAL-1

The Riderwood Reporter
September 2017

Includes stories on Lyft coming to the Riderwood Campus, the upcoming Diversity Fair, updates on the Town Center Renovations, The Riderwood Chess Club, and previews of the upcoming Acousti-Cats concert, the PAC Classical Music Series, and the Jeff Harnar Concert.

Riderwood Reporter July 2017 DRAFT

The Riderwood Reporter
August 2017

Includes stories on The Benevolent Care Gala, How the Benevolent Care Fund Works, Upcoming Changes to Riderwood TV, Riderwood Guest Rooms, the Actors’ Studio Fall performance, Pet therapy, PGCC Fall Semester Information, and much more!

Riderwood Reporter July 2017 DRAFT

The Riderwood Reporter
July 2017

Includes stories on: Remembering Jim Feldman, Meet Jill Owens, Photography by Ruth Horlick, previews of a variety of upcoming events and much more.

Reporter June 2017 Front

The Riderwood Reporter
June 2017

Includes stories on: Town Center Renovations, resident Charley Hudson honored, meet Overlook Manager Edgar Jimenez, avoiding technical scams, a look back at Conversations with Administration from April, and previews of the concerts and events scheduled for June.

Riderwood Reporter May 2017 FINAL-1

The Riderwood Reporter
May 2017

Includes stories on: New Community TV Production Coordinator Robyn Hutson, details on the new Riderwood trophy case, information on the Riderwood softball team, and previews of many of the concerts and events schedule for the month of May.

Riderwood Reporter April 2017 DRAFT-1

The Riderwood Reporter
April 2017

Includes stories on: The Winter Putterland Golf Tournament Results, The Memoirs of resident Pam Silverwood, a profile of resident Audrey Smedley, information on the 2017 Bocce Season, and previews of many of the concerts scheduled for the month of April.


The Riderwood Reporter
March 2017

Includes stories on: RAC Election Results, Meet Ellen Lebedow (New Social Work Manager), a profile of resident Thomas Smith, information about a trip to the Barnum & Bailey circus, and previews of many of the concerts and events scheduled for the month of March.


The Riderwood Reporter
February 2017

Includes stories on: A preview of events for Black History Month, information on the new & improved press alerts, PGCC Sage program spring semester registration information, learn about the benefits of working out with a partner, a profile of resident Sonia Pasis, and previews of many of the concerts and events scheduled for the month of February.


The Riderwood Reporter
January 2017

Includes stories on: New Riderwood TV Station Manager Chris Taydus, a story on when resident Anne Walden met Martin Luther King, Jr., get to know the Custom Interiors department, information on the snow removal policy, information on courtesy wheelchairs, and previews of the many concerts and events schedule for the month of January.