Resident reflects on sharing name with famous Hollywood starlet

By Almeda Girod Resident Writer After two months of dating Pete Reynolds, Debbie Raub commented to her mother “If I marry this guy, I’ll be Debbie Reynolds.” She married Pete in 1971 and says, “That is when this quiet little introvert became a not-so-quiet extrovert. Now I was a movie star!” Debbie grew up in…

Residents recall time with 1965 Freedom Riders

Four residents recall their time with the famous civil rights group.

Riderwood inspires resident poet

Resident Peter Bennett has recently published a collection of poetry inspired by his life at Riderwood, titled Encore Seasons.

Pearl Harbor attack stirs up sense of duty

By Almeda Girod & Al Girod A Resident Writer and a 20-year Navy Veteran Don Mills was listening to music on December 7, 1941, on a Crosley radio when a news flash announced that the Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbor. Bill Peacock had graduated from high school in Rome, GA in 1939 and had been…

Ivan Silva: A voice on the air

By Bob Merikangas Resident Writer Many of us at Riderwood found a variety of ways over the years to share our voices, our words, with others, going beyond our daily conversations. We wrote articles and books, gave talks, put messages on the web, sent emails, and more. Now we are discovering that one of our…