Riderwood Staff COVID-19 Gatehouse Screening Update

4-10-20 - COVID-19 Surgical Mask Requirement


From: Andrew Janosko, Facilities Manager
Date: April 5, 2020
Re: Important Changes to Gatehouse Screening Process

Dear Riderwood Employees,

We have two important changes to the employee screening process at the gatehouse starting at 7:00 am on Monday, April 6. The two changes are as follows (more detail below):

  • Each person entering into Riderwood buildings (including RWV employees) will receive a temperature screening and a wrist band prior to being allowed to enter the building.
  • All employee pickups and drop-offs must occur outside the gate. If an employee is using Lyft, Uber, Barwood, other taxi service, a friend or family to drive them to work, they will need to be dropped off at Gatehouse 1 to be verbally screened, and then walk to their designated temperature screening location. After your shift, you may exit through either gatehouse to be picked up there.

Temperature screening process:

Temp screening map

For Independent Living Employees:

  • When you arrive at the gate, you will be verbally screened with the questionnaire, similar to the current process.
  • If you pass the verbal screening, you will then take your completed questionnaire form up to Village Square Clubhouse (VSQ).
  • For employees who drive, you will park in Parking Lots A and B, in front of VSQ (See above map). For employees on foot, you will walk from the gate.
  • You will then line up for temperature screening, maintaining social distancing (6 feet).
  • You will then follow the line into VSQ and get your temperature screened by the team inside.
  • 99.4 F is the maximum permitted temperature. All employees whose temperature is 99.5 F or higher will be asked to go home and call the employee hotline – (410) 402-9572.
  • After you pass the temperature screening, you will be issued a wristband with the day’s date. You will only be required to receive a temperature screening once per day.
  • Once you have your wristband, you will head to your work area.
  • You will need to keep your wrist band on for your entire shift, and you will need to get a new temperature screening and new wrist band every day.

Arbor Ridge and Orchard Point employees will continue to follow the same process you have been following, with verbal screening at Gatehouse 1 and temperature screening at the main entrance of Arbor Ridge.

Employee drop offs and pickups:

  • Our goal with the gatehouse screening process is to reduce the number of people on campus to the absolute minimum necessary. To meet that goal, we want to limit on-campus traffic to RWV employees, outside caregivers, and critical deliveries.
  • With that in mind, if someone else is driving you to work, they will need to drop you off prior to arrival at the gatehouse. It does not matter who is driving you – Uber, Lyft, Barwood, another taxi company, your parents, your spouse, or your friend. These people will not be allowed to drive on campus, and you will be asked to exit the vehicle and proceed to the gate for verbal screening.
  • We are attempting to allocate resources to provide a gatehouse shuttle to go from Gatehouse 1 to VSQ and ABR, but there is no guarantee that we will be able to do this every day, all day. Every employee should assume that if you are dropped off at the gate, you will need to walk to VSQ (for IL employees) or ABR (For ABR/OP employees) for your temperature screening, before proceeding to your work area.
  • Gatehouse 2 remains closed to all incoming traffic, both vehicle and pedestrian.
  • After your shift is over, you will need to arrange for your ride to meet you outside of EITHER gate for pick up to go home.
  • Our employee shuttle (which makes periodic pickups and drop-offs at points near campus) will remain in service, but keep in mind that we need to maintain social distancing, and there is a limited number of people allowed on the bus at any given time.

We understand that the gatehouse screening process is repetitive and sometimes can cause delays. That being said, it is incredibly important to the wellbeing of our residents and staff. We thank you for the incredible work you have been doing to take care of our residents. We want to remind all employees to practice good handwashing (20 to 30 seconds) and social distancing (6 feet), stay home if you’re sick, and get good sleep. We are all in this together!



Andrew Janosko

Facilities Manager, Security and Transportation


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Princess A Campbell Banya says:

    Thanks for the update.


  2. MARIO GOMEZ says:

    Hello, glad to see the steps you all are taking to screen people coming onto campus. As someone who has been self isolating because of possible exposure on campus and getting ready to return, I was wondering what kind of PPE are employees using now to stay safe?


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