Eleanor Roosevelt highlighted in upcoming PAC presentation

**EDITOR’S NOTE – Since the newspaper’s publication, this event has been cancelled/postponed. Look to Riderwood TV and the Riderwood Reporter Newspaper for updated information when it becomes available.**

By Alan Mayers

Producer, Performing Arts Council

The Performing Arts Council is pleased to present actress Jane VanBoskirk

Roosevelt image cropped-2
Jane VanBoskirk portrays the titular figure in “Across a Barrier of Fear: The Life of Eleanor Roosevelt,” a play based on the life of the former first lady.

in SharonWhitney’s play Across a Barrier of Fear: The Life of Eleanor Roosevelt in the Encore Theater at 7:30 p.m. on March 20. The play traces the life and thoughts of Mrs. Roosevelt, from lonely, neglected childhood to the world stage. The title of the play comes from Mrs. Roosevelt’s statement, “Everything I ever did was always accomplished across a barrier of fear.” Eleanor Roosevelt’s confrontation with her personal challenges, and the public voice she found in addressing prejudice, oppression, and poverty, resonates strongly in current times.

In her lifetime on the stage, Jane VanBoskirk has performed searing dramas and musical comedies, queens and strumpets, even a marmot. However, researching and performing women in history has been her passion.

Sharon Whitney.jpg
“Across a Barrier of Fear: The Life of Eleanor Roosevelt” was written by Sharon Whitney (pictured).

The playwright, Sharon Whitney, is the author of a 1986 biography of Eleanor Roosevelt for young adults, and an ensemble play about Eleanor at age 15 at her boarding school in England, Totty – Young Eleanor Roosevelt.

Ms. Whitney wrote, “I was impressed with Jane’s shape-shifting talent and versatility. As we went through the stages of development and work-shopped the play, Jane and I both fed off Eleanor’s life story – the wisdom and courage that marked the evolution of a desperately shy, insecure girl into what some called ‘First Lady of the World.’”

Tickets at $10 will be sold in all dining venues on Monday and Tuesday, March 16 and 17 from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m.

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