Arts Council readies new exhibit

Resident Kathy Schafer discusses her art at the Meet the Artist event on February 14, 2019. (Photo by Courtney Coombs)

By Amy Greenwood

Member, Arts Council of Riderwood

Many of us enjoy the wonderful shows of artwork by Riderwood residents and staff. You may have noticed that the shows rotate from clubhouse to clubhouse so that everyone can get a chance to see the beautiful art.

Have you ever wondered how the paintings, sculpture, ceramics, fabric art and other works get from place to place and the effort behind each exhibit? The Arts Council spends weeks planning this “magic.” In order for a new juried show to have exhibit space, the current exhibit must be taken down and moved to the next clubhouse.

First, Riderwood Community Resources staff removes the two-dimensional art from the cables and place it directly on the floor. Then a group of six to eight residents carefully catalogs the work and stacks it on carts. They then push the carts through the buildings to the next community.

Each exhibit has its own “curator,” a talented resident who determines where each piece is to hang in the new environment and marks the space with a photograph of the work. When the carts arrive, the team places the art in the appropriate spot. Then Community Resources staff do the actual hanging of the artwork on the cables with further direction from the curator. Staff from General Services and the Grounds crew carefully level each piece. Last, a name card is placed next to each artwork.

At the same time, additional residents carefully pack up the three-dimensional artworks and move them by car to the next community.  They are then unpacked and arranged on the shelves and in the glass cases under the direction of a second curator for 3-D displays. Name cards are then placed in the cases.

The most recent jury date was September 13, so watch for the new cycle to begin! On September 24, the exhibit in Village Square was returned to the artists. On Wednesday, October 2, the art at Montgomery Station moves to Village Square. Then the new juried work will be hung in Montgomery Station. Finally, you can meet the artists on October 11 (Editorial Note: The date was incorrect in the paper version of the newspaper. The Meet the Artists Event will be held on Friday, October 11).

Eighteen residents plus staff and the juror are involved in the jurying. Seventeen residents and staff are needed to move and hang each exhibit. This process is repeated three times a year proving that it’s truly a labor of love!

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