Life Ledger: Storing not so common vital information

By Mina Wuchenich

Co-Chair, Caring Connections

Does your family know the answer to that Security Question? Or do they know what plans you have made for care of your pets if an emergency occurs? Loved ones and others entrusted with your Powers of Attorney need to be able to access vital documents to carry out your wishes, if and when you are not able to do so. Have you organized and left them the passwords, names and numbers they will need to access vital files on your behalf?

Caring Connections has a solution available to all residents as an active document you can update and complete with this information. You can secure it to complete on your own desktop or thumb drive or print it out to complete by hand. Then you should share it with those you trust to carry out your wishes wherever they may be. Life Ledger covers a myriad of questions your family will need to know the answers to. If they cannot access your accounts or important documents without hours spent sorting through your stuff, Life Ledger can help.

Go to, a resident run website and search for ‘Caring Connections’. Select Course Curriculum and see Class 2. The Life Ledger is there along with instructions in how to use it. This material is part of the Caring Connections curriculum piloted this past summer. It is available to all right now. Word of Caution: Life Ledger is most beneficial for those comfortable with using the computer. If you are not, you might refer this website to a trusted computer – savvy family member or friend who might assist you to organize and complete this important support.

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