Gardeners find unique uses for garden plots


By Judith Johnson

Resident Writer

As the weather begins to cool, but the chilly fall winds have yet to take hold, now is the perfect time to take a walk through the Riderwood resident garden plots, behind Montgomery Station.

Elaine and Jack Hessler (I-7) have only been here a year and a half. She brought with her the spectacular pink Canna, which she has to dig up and take-in the winter. Her bright Zinnias are from seed. Soft and tempting Lambs Ear that the bees love completes the plot.

Lin and Lowell Edminster (E-6) have turnips, swiss chard and kale still growing along with very tall sunflowers. Where they lived previously, they had deer, and couldn’t garden, so they are loving their fenced-in garden here. They are out weeding three times a week.

Carolyn and Al Ensfield (R-2P) have 10 plots here. When they arrived four years ago, she brought raspberries and strawberries, and each has its own plot. Another three plots are for vegetables, another perennial. Al clears other gardening spaces for his fellow residents to utilize. They have considerably enhanced the soil.

Mary Chor (M-1) has a spectacular cactus plot, many of which she has brought back from Arizona over the years. One enormous cactus is a Golden Barrel, 50 years old. The 30 cacti go inside her apartment in the winter while they are dormant. All are in raised pots when outside, to improve their drainage. They have particular soil so they will dry out quickly when it rains. Cacti are a type of succulent, which store a lot of water. Mary hires two men and a cart to wrap the Golden Barrel for transport in the colder months. The rest she moves herself in a wagon, two at a time. It is a labor of love.

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