Community library features over 5000 books

Resident librarian Paula Hurwitz stands amongst the 5000 Village Square Library books meticulously organized by her and the other volunteer librarians. (Photo by Chris Taydus)

By Judith Johnson

Resident Writer

Have you visited the Village Square Library? It is open to residents in all clubhouses and is by far the largest library at Riderwood, with has 5000 books. It is well organized and has a corps of volunteer librarians keeping it up to date.

Many residents donate books to the library and the librarians go through the fiction and mystery books already in the collection and eliminate any not removed in three years, to make room for new books. When there is a surplus, they are saved for the Town Center book sale or put in the “Free Books” box. DVDs and audio CDs are also available.

Paula Hurwitz, who was a medical research librarian, chose the Riderwood community because she wanted a place with a decent library. She is one of the nine volunteer librarians in this library. She says, “One of our most popular areas is the large selection of large print books. This is, unfortunately, the one area where we receive few donations. If you have any you can part with, please give them to us.”

Check out the library and check out a book!

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