On Board with Pat Davis – September 2019

Pat Davis

By Pat Davis

Director Living in Community,

Riderwood Board of Directors

Recently I heard a resident comment, “Riderwood is my forever home.” I was touched by her remark. Most of us probably moved here with a similar idea in the back of our minds, but my friend’s comment suggested a deeper level of intentional commitment to our community.

An outsider could look at Riderwood and see beautiful facilities and wonderful amenities. But that’s far from the whole story.

The real Riderwood lies in the intangibles: the friendship and caring among residents and also between residents and staff which is evident in thousands of unseen interactions every day. Many on-campus organizations support these positive contributions – the Treasure Chest, the Sustainability Committee, the Lions Club, Neighbors in Deed, the CommUNITY Living Committee, the Coupon Cutters, the Needlecrafters, the Performing Arts Council, the Diversity and Inclusion Committee’s annual Fair and the Stand Up, Stand With, Stand Together program, the Arts Council and Library Committees and so many others – not to mention the tens of thousands of hours of service provided annually by individual resident volunteers within and beyond our gates.

Our caring for one another was also evident in generous support for the recent Benevolent Care Fund drive as well as the annual Scholarship Fund and Staff Appreciation Fund drives. Riderwood is not just a senior residence but a true community – our forever home.

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