CommUNITY Living – A new way of living

By Leah Woodson

Member, CommUNITY Living Committee

To be a community that promotes harmonious living, we must build a place for the highest good for all. The highest good for all means a community where we host a diversity of thought and actions. While our thoughts are our own, our actions must be considerate of others’ ideas of living. We all wish for a life that is rich and inspired.

Riderwood is a new way of living for many of us. While the residents of our community are older, we acknowledge that we never stop learning and growing. Our experiences have helped us to grow into strong and knowledgeable people. Our neighbors in Riderwood come from many different religions, races, sexualities, and abilities. These differences may not have existed in our previous homogeneous neighborhood. This new way of life provides an excellent opportunity to experience friendship or contact with someone you never encountered in that former neighborhood.

Use the CommUNITY Living Committee’s 12 Principles of Considerate Conduct as your guide to reach out and acknowledge others. Extend a kindness such as an invitation to dine together. Use civility and be aware of and show regard for others. Weave restraint, respect, and consideration into this awareness. One random act of kindness may bring new friends and new experiences into your life. Miss Emily P. Riderwood is watching, and others may join her soon.

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