Unique art adorns the garden plots of Riderwood

By Judith Johnson

Resident Writer

Take a stroll among the garden plots behind Montgomery Station. Next month, you will see flowers and vegetables. This month, enjoy the wonderful art the gardeners have added to their plots.

Photo by Courtney Coombs

Mary Chor created the blue bottle tree. She collected the bottles, which had held Greek wine, from Manoli Canoli in Silver Spring. In addition, she has blue antique violins decorating the stand. She loves to combine art and plants, and when Behnke’s Garden store closed, also got a Guardian Angel for Catherine Gibb’s garden where she sits on a throne among the flowers. A multicolored Talavera Parrot oversees another of her plots. (F-1, I-11, N-1)

Ellen and David Farr have two plots, one with metal suns gracing it and the other with a mosaic sculpture hiding among the plants. They have wonderful, eclectic art covering their apartment walls too. Wherever they go, they decorate their world. (K-10, K-9)

Photo by Courtney Coombs

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