Travel Talks in search of new resident presenters

By Don Messersmith

Leader, Travel Talks

For the past 12 years, the Riderwood Travel Talks programs have been presenting travel narratives by residents every second and fourth Sunday evenings during the fall, winter and spring seasons. Riderwood Residents who have traveled to known or little-known destinations all over America and the world show their pictures and tell of their experiences on these trips. We can project videos, DVDs, CDs, digital photos, or slides in the Encore Theater or other venues for one-hour-long shows.

The programs are advertised on bulletin board flyers, Riderwood TV, in the Riderwood Reporter, and on the website. We would like to invite any resident who has traveled and photographed any subjects such as scenes, people, animals, or cultural relics almost anywhere in the world and is willing to discuss their travels to contact either Don Messersmith (301-890-1952; or David Ebert (301-779-1039;

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