Sustainability Corner – Congrats, Dining Services!


By Riderwood Resident Recycling Committee

As promised by Riderwood’s management earlier this year, Dining Services has replaced the non-recyclable polystyrene containers (recycle number 6) used for some of the food packaging in Riderwood’s dining areas.

We’re now seeing high-density polyethylene (recycle number 2), along with polypropylene (number 5) and PETE, or polyester (number 1) that continue to be used for entrée items, iced tea and other food and drink items. This means that essentially all of the plastic containers we get from Dining Services can now be cleaned and dried for recycling, allowing us to meet and even exceed our environmental objectives by keeping most of the plastics we use out of the waste stream.

All of these packaging items can be washed by hand or in our residential dishwashers. Some may lose their shape in the dishwasher, but that doesn’t matter. To recycle, wash the container, allow it to dry, then put it in your blue bin with the other plastics, glass and metal cans.

Congratulations to our staff members who made the extra effort to help sustain our planet. The Recycling Committee thanks you and salutes you.

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