Stand Up, Stand With, Stand Together offers mini-documentary series

By Bette Martin

Member, Diversty & Inclusion Committee

By now, we all have seen the lobby posters and received information in our cubbies about the Diversity and Inclusion Committee’s second series of “Stand Up, Stand With, Stand Together” events. This mini-documentary film festival is designed to give us tools to support every member of the Riderwood community – residents and staff. Even though I’m writing this article two weeks in advance, I know that if you attended Marlene Sallo’s introduction to the program, you were inspired and invigorated. Her presentation last year was one of the most remarkable and rousing we’ve had at Riderwood. If you missed it, you can watch it or stream it courtesy of Riderwood TV.

What comes next are four discussion groups this month. On Monday, August 5, the focus is disability, something we all face as we age. How can we ensure that our interactions are appropriate and sensitive with residents who may have low vision or hearing problems or physical disabilities. On Monday, August 12, we move to income inequality. What awareness do we need of what is happening in our nation that continues to widen the gap between rich and poor? On August 19, the conversation is about LGBTQ issues. How can we support this group that has most recently become vocal in its demand for recognition? Our final short film on August 22 shows us racism through a different lens, one you may find intriguing and provocative.

Ms. Sallo returns on Friday, August 23, to wrap up the series and help each of us determine how we can extend our understanding and our conversations on intentional inclusion and how we can put those insights into action.

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