Learn the ukulele with the Acousti-Cats

By Becky Hedin

Director, The Riderwood Acousti-Cats

You can now learn to play a ukulele. If you know how to tune up and can learn a few easy chords you can play lots of songs. For example, ”Rock Around the Clock,” a popular song the Acousti-Cats are learning for their next program, has only four chords.   

Starting the first Tuesday in September, Becky Hedin is offering a four-week introduction to the ukulele just for beginners and “begin-againers.” Classes will be held in the Town Center classroom from 10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. each Tuesday in September. There’s no fee for the class, though you are expected to purchase or borrow an instrument. Beginner ukes can be reasonably priced and the modern instruments do not have to be tuned before every song. Be prepared to practice every day so you build up hand strength, though daily practice sessions should be limited to 10 minutes.   

Contact Becky in advance so she can plan how many informational packets to prepare.


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