Changes coming to PAC ticket sales

By Trudy Downs

Member, Performing Arts Council

From July 2019 until the total completion of the Lakeside Commons repositioning effort, PAC ticket sales procedures will be modified. All future PAC performances will be held in the Chapel with the December performance in Maryland Hall. Because space is limited in the Chapel for wheelchairs and walkers, there is a physical limit to how many of these we can accommodate.  For all of our main Encore performances that are moved temporarily to the Chapel, we will sell only 200 general admission tickets (A, B, and C); 10 wheelchair tickets, and 35 walker tickets.

During this transition period if you need a walker or wheelchair ticket when you buy your ticket, you must specify which you require. If you are capable of walking into the Chapel without your walker, you may purchase a general admission ticket, leave your walker out in the lobby and sit anywhere you wish. If you inadvertently purchase a general admission ticket but need a special space, we may have to refund your ticket and turn you away from the performance if there are no designated spaces available.

If you need a walker or wheelchair ticket and there are none left at the ticket sellers’ table in your building, please call Trudy Downs at 301-960-9640 and leave a message. Your call will be returned, and we will let you know if you are able to purchase a ticket or if there are no more seats available. If there are tickets available for your designated request, we will hold one for you at the event and you may pay for it at the door. All held tickets must be picked up by 7:15 p.m. on the day of the performance. After that time any held tickets will be sold to others wishing to attend the performance.

This procedure will be in effect from July 2019 until Lakeside Commons reopens as a completely renovated space sometime next Spring.

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