Residents discover previously unknown collegiate connection

Amy Greenwood (far left) and Pat Davis (far right) pose along with their other dorm-mates at the University of Michigan. Greenwood and Davis only discovered their collegiate connection recently here at Riderwood.

By Almeda Girod

Resident Writer

Amy Greenwood and Pat Davis both attended the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. They recently discovered that they had lived in the same dormitory at the same time. Pat located her yearbook and found a photo of Pat and Amy sitting near each other.

The University’s East Quad had been all male but recently had converted with two of the eight houses being made female. Amy and Pat lived in Prescott House. Since the dorm was primarily male, the menu reflected this with more protein rather than the high carbs such as pasta that was more commonly served in the women’s dormitories. Amy credits this with avoiding the “freshman 15 pounds” her first year. Amy and Pat chuckle remembering that the urinals had not been removed from their bathrooms.

Their housemother closely monitored their activities, including the curfew of 10:30 p.m. on weekdays and 12:30 p.m. on weekends. The girls entertained in the lounge, but the rule was that “one foot had to be on the ground.” The students were serious during the week but ventured out to party on weekends. Amy recalls a spot in the lobby of the Literature, Science, and the Arts Building (affectionately called the Salmon Loaf because of its appearance) where she went to spy on “a certain guy” walking to class.

Amy and Pat each had two roommates, with three in a space designed for two. Both ended up on the top bunks. Amy’s first roommates went to bed at 10 p.m., not fitting the schedule of an art student who stayed up late working on projects. Amy commented on the food revolts, and Pat added, “Whenever there are a number of persons living together there will be discord over food,” pointing out the similarity of youth and now the seniors living at Riderwood.

Amy Greenwood (left) and Pat Davis (right) show off Pat’s yearbook where they discovered the photo of the two of them. (Photo by Chris Taydus)

Amy had been in the theater program earlier but turned her interest to art in college. She wrote for the Michigan Daily, was on the yearbook staff, was co-chairman for decorations for the FROSH weekend and was the lead in a freshman play. She says “I joined everything I could just as I do now at Riderwood.” After a year at Michigan, she returned to Chicago and graduated from the School of the Art Institute, pursuing a career in art education. She met Glenn on the Michigan campus, but it was not until later in Chicago that they connected. They have two children (their daughter Maureen also went to University of Michigan).

Pat, a native of Connecticut, had heard of Michigan through family friends. She pursued her interest in music, singing in the University choir. Pat was a sociology major and married at the end of her junior year, graduating in three and half years. She later obtained a degree in nursing and worked with under-served populations. She also received a Master of Divinity degree and worked at local, regional, and national levels. This has served as excellent preparation for the Riderwood Board of Directors. She has three children.

Pat comments, “I am grateful to have had two experiences of congregate living. Both took place in large, diverse institutions of very high quality and greatly enriched my life.” Amy adds “I feel as if life has come full circle at Riderwood. I am able to do the things that I love– to act and paint again.”

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