Pastoral Ministries celebrates that “All are Welcome!”


By Reverend James Bell

Coordinator, Pastoral Ministries

Pastoral Ministries views this statement, “All are Welcome” to mean “Whosoever” regardless of their background, sexual orientation, gender identification, skin color, or disability. All are included and valued. No one is made to feel marginalized because of who they are.

The doors in Pastoral Ministries are always open and we are dedicated and committed to building a community where everyone is accepted. We support every effort to help people live without discrimination, stigma, and systemic inequality.

This view of “All are Welcome” makes our community a wonderful place to live and work. As we open ourselves to the beautiful tapestry of humanity, may we continue learning, respecting, growing, and partnering with all peoples in their journeys of faith.

Stop by Pastoral Ministries. We’re located in Neighborhood 1-Village Square on the first floor. The benefits are “Out of this World.”

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