New committee planning great trips

By Elaine Hauptman

Resident Writer

The Special Trips program at Riderwood is like the frosting on a delicious piece of cake. Most certainly, there is much to be excited about on the campus, but the special trips offer extra enrichment for all tastes.

As an integral part of the programs offered at Riderwood, the Special Trips committee has been working to investigate new venues and continue trips that everyone loves. It may be a rocky road ahead for all these new ideas, but it will be an exciting adventure.

Such excursions as Symphony on the Potomac, the African American History Museum, the Baltimore Symphony orchestra at Strathmore, the Arena Stage and the delectable restaurants will be continued, but there are plans to expand these horizons.

In June a trip to the Guinness Brewery is planned, as well as to the beautiful Hillwood Estate. At Hillwood, you can visit the gardens, have a wonderful lunch at the café, or delight in the special exhibit “Perfume and Seduction.”

For music lovers, there will be “An Evening of Puccini” and Mahler’s Symphony #5. The proposed trip to the National Museum of the American Indian will offer history enthusiasts the opportunity to see the “Treaty Rotation: Cherokee Treaty at New Echota 1835.”

Special Trips committee members are exploring the combination of a short tour with an outstanding restaurant nearby. New ideas include the Glenstone Museum, Aviation Museum in College Park, Baltimore’s American Visionary Art Museum and exciting seasonal fairs and shows. For baseball fans, there will be a trip on August 18 to see the Nationals vs. the Brewers. Hotdogs, popcorn, and cracker jacks are on your own!

The committee is composed of both residents and staff. Surveys results from earlier this year are being compiled, and all residents will be given the opportunity to suggest new ideas just by emailing

A new description of physical ratings is also being explored. More strenuous trips can be offered to those who can walk and explore more easily. There will be a continuation of the trips offered to all residents. All of this is in the planning stage, and feedback from the community is vital to keep this program as vigorous, exciting and stimulating as it always was. Ideally, it will satisfy the desires and needs of all residents.

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