Learn about The Glen at Orchard Point

By Judith Johnson

Resident Writer

The Glen is part of Arbor Ridge but is located on the second and third floors in Lakeside Commons’ Orchard Point. It has 39 apartments, of all sizes.

When The Glen was developed, changes were necessary, so a call system was added to go to Arbor Ridge and the bathrooms were modified. A new lovely décor, a waterfall, contemporary furnishings, an outdoor patio, a gym, a reading room, a dining area, piano, pool table, and lounge were also added. Often a couple will move there when one of them needs more help. Today, six couples live at the Glen, and Arbor Ridge as a whole has 14 couples as residents. People there may have either cognitive or physical issues.

Residents can come and go on their own as long they are safe. Three meals a day are offered, and they can go to dinner in another dining room, or The Glen Dining Room. Daily programming is available to The Glen residents, or they can participate in other activities on campus.

When apartments in The Glen opened in October 2016, it filled up quickly, and there is currently a waiting list. If you’re interested in checking out The Glen, give yourself a tour. Go to Orchard Point on the second floor and keep walking. The Glen can be found right before the link to Arbor Ridge. Residents generally have great decorations on their shelves.

Len Cooper moved there with his wife when she “became more than I could handle, even with 24-hour aides.” He has a larger apartment in The Glen than he did previously. “It costs the same to live here as to have full time aides in your apartment,” he added. After his wife passed away, he stayed in in the apartment at The Glen. He takes aerobic and music classes outside of The Glen and goes on the Riderwood Special Trips.

Lucy Arkin moved to The Glen two years ago when her husband was not doing well. She said, “This year my eyesight is much worse, so it’s lucky I’m here.” She eats in the Overlook dining room and has designed a route to walk through five buildings in 50 minutes each day with her rollator.

Liz Pels Nash was a member of a founding family of Greenbelt and lived all her life there. After being hospitalized and unable to walk, she moved to The Glen. She has beautiful art in her apartment home. She chose Riderwood for the covered walkways, the swimming pool, and the chapel.  Her goals are to get in the pool with the lift and to get a motorized chair. She successfully advocated for bingo and enjoys playing with friends.

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