Executive Insight: June 2019


By Jason Spivey

Director, General Services

Exercise guru Denise Austin once said, “Friendship, love, health, energy, enthusiasm, and joy are the things that make life worth living and exploring.” What drives your friendliness and enthusiasm? Are you that “happy person” who motivates others or do you need a smile or enthusiastic word to get inspired? We all have that one friend or family member who has such an engaging personality shining with friendliness and enthusiasm. Their “shine” is not only contagious but motivates others to be better and inspires us to reach new levels of happiness.

I am more of an introvert. I find it challenging to have that “shine” of friendliness and enthusiasm without a motivator. What motivates me? My family mostly, but there is also a wonderful place that inspires me: a beautiful campus where I spend, according to my wife, “too much time.”

Simply put, it’s Riderwood! There is something at Riderwood, that “secret sauce” of happiness and friendliness that forces me to be enthusiastic every day. Riderwood seems to build a culture of friendliness and enthusiasm, right? My daily interactions with residents and staff as I walk through the hallways always motivates me (and yes…I even enjoy the constructive comments that are shared occasionally). The smiles, warm greetings, and enthusiasm of life on this campus is an example I wish we would see outside our campus gates.

I know it is difficult to be friendly and enthusiastic every day. We all have those days when we would like to stay in bed. On those days I focus on the positives in my life. The health and happiness of my friends and family…all the relationships I have made with so many wonderful people. On my darker days, I draw strength from the smiles and enthusiasm of others. That is what keeps my heart lifted and refreshes my zest for life.

How do you find your “shine?”

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