CommUNITY Living – Pay it forward then pass it on

By Bea Rogers

Member, CommUNITY Living Committee

As spring rolls into summer, most of us are looking forward to sunny days with clear skies and the lovely sound of birds singing early in the morning—gifts from the earth every year. The CommUNITY Living Committee took some time to review the notes on the banners in each community building which were part of the Pay It Forward event. While no final decision has been made as to how we will capture this information for history, we were so excited to see the messages you shared. Some were thanking for a personal gift they had received; others exemplified so many of the Principles of Considerate Conduct; others were beautiful, thoughtful and inspirational messages.

Pay It Forward is an important movement across the country, having been started by a young student who took a challenge from his teacher and turned it into his very big dream. However, not all payments have to be large: random acts of kindness are always well received; offers of a smile when someone is feeling down can be just the thing to brighten someone’s day, or positive gestures such as when there is a long line to check out, and someone allows you to go ahead of them.

There was a recent article about a restaurant which had a bulletin board filled with notes offering a meal to anyone who was hungry. No questions asked. What a nice gesture! The article said this had become a wonderful experience for both those giving and those receiving the meal. We hope that those receiving will be able to Pass It On. We can all bring positive energy into someone else’s life as we enjoy the summer of 2019! Let’s pass it on.

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