Accomplishments of the 2019 R.A.C.


Bette Martin

By Bette Martin

Former Chair, Resident Advisory Council

The Resident Advisory Council (RAC) report on its accomplishments in the Annual Report traditionally includes campus-wide events rather than what is achieved by RAC standing committees. Although the monthly liaison reports and liaison articles in the Reporter keep the community informed, committee achievements have not been listed in one place. Because of the requisite brevity of this article, what follows are highlights of committee work. A complete listing is attached to the minutes of the May 14 RAC meeting.

Dining Committee

• Input provided to dining staff on the TNC dining venues is being incorporated not only in the ongoing planning and execution the new Lakeside dining venues, but also is recognized as beneficial to other Erickson communities planning repositions.

Finance Committee

• Met monthly with Finance Director Mark Embley and his staff to review financial reports and communicate resident concerns.

• Worked with Finance Director to hold a training workshop for Finance Committee members.

• Co-sponsored a resident workshop on the 2017 Audited Financial results.

• Published a monthly column of “Financial Frequently Asked Questions” in the Reporter.

• Provided budget information to the RAC.

General Services Committee

• Expanded GS committee to 12 members, three from each independent living community.

• Encouraged GS to increase its communications to residents with ‘package shelf’ updates

• Encouraged residents with maintenance and engineering concerns to go directly to general service functional areas.

• Worked with GS to expedite and resolve resident concerns.

• Partially as a result of GS Committee work, the number of concerns submitted by residents to the RAC is substantially reduced.

Health Services Committee

• Focused work on accessibility issues.

• Results of four listening sessions were incorporated in a report with recommendations to the Riderwood administration, senior Erickson staff, and the Board Community Relations Committee.

• Held a Town Hall meeting to brief the community.

• Continued ongoing work to ensure that recommended changes are incorporated into apartment and campus projects.

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