Square dancers heed the call

By Judith Johnson

Resident Writer

Kenny Farris has been calling square dances at Riderwood for 10 years. He started when his mother, Anna Mary Farris, lived in Madison Green. When she passed away after four years, he continued to come and “call squares.”

“Everyone here is so nice, and it’s fun to bring some joy to people,” smiles Kenny.

A square is made up of eight people. If there aren’t enough men, a woman in a baseball cap fills in. The caller alternates between calling dances for beginners and advanced, so there are dances for everyone. “When I started here, I hadn’t had much experience square dancing. Ken is a very good teacher, and all the group helped me. It is a very friendly group,” declares Jackie Michels.

David Ebert, who has been in the club for five years, says this group is the oldest club at Riderwood, started in 2001 by John Fountain. “I’ve been square dancing since I was 13. It keeps me mentally active remembering the calls, as well as physically active. I get the best of both worlds.”

“Square dancing is good, simple and fun,” states Joan Mouer, her third time at the dance.

Robert Jessup, a six-year veteran dancer asserts, “I like it for the friendliness and sociability.”

It’s a bargain to have a live singing caller for only $5 a session. If you have questions, call David Ebert at 301-779-1039. The club meets for an hour every Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. in the Montgomery Station Craft Studio. The first Wednesday of each month is an open house. Come out and give it a try.

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