On Board with Pat Davis: May 2019

Pat Davis

By Pat Davis

Director Living in Community, Riderwood Board of Directors

I’d like to introduce you to the new leaders of National Senior Campuses (NSC), Riderwood’s supporting organization.

NSC’s long-time Chair, Jim Anders, resigned in January. He had been a good friend of this community since it existed only on paper, so that was a significant loss. Our new Chair is Michelle Bohreer, a lawyer and certified public accountant from Houston who has served on the Board for five years. She has highlighted diversity and inclusion, technology, and civic issues – including sustainability – as her priorities. Michelle is assisted by two Vice Chairs: Grover Wrenn of Littleton, Colorado, VP for Strategic Planning, is a retired executive with experience in health care services, and Jim Hayes of Farmington Hills, Michigan. I often deal with Jim since Directors Living in Community are his particular responsibility. Another certified public accountant, he served as Director of Admissions and Financial Aid at the School of Business at the University of Michigan.

And here’s the best part: NSC’s Secretary and Treasurer are our own Mary Colins and Eileen Erstad, a retired federal judge and another certified public accountant, respectively, whom we claim as members of Riderwood’s Community Relations Committee, a subset of our Board of Directors.

Riderwood’s annual Town Hall meeting will be held on May 21 in Maryland Hall. Mary and Eileen and I will be there, along with our community’s managers, to report on the 2018 audit and to be in conversation with residents. Please take advantage of this opportunity to meet and talk with us.

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