Greetings from Administration: May 2019


By Gary Hibbs

Executive Director

Author Robert Swan said this: “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” I am grateful for the active resident and staff involvement in regard to sustainability efforts, not leaving it to “someone else” to do our share in our stewardship of the Earth. We just had a wonderful Earth Day celebration last month which highlighted our efforts here at Riderwood that continue to get better each year.

In fact, beginning next month, all dining venues will be using sustainable paper products. Previously, many dining paper products contained Styrofoam or other non-recyclable plastic.  Thanks to resident feedback and support regarding sustainability, this program will begin June 1. Our focus will ensure that all paper products will be made from recyclable and/or compostable material. These will include plates and bowls, cups, lids, and straws, flatware, carryout bags and pizza boxes. We hope to have all non-recyclable products removed by July 1!

We are working hard to participate in the global efforts to avoid the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance and join in the pursuit of global environmental sustainability. It is an essential part of our Riderwood community culture and an integral part of our strategic plans. We are able to combine our purchasing power with other Erickson-managed communities and keep the cost down for these products while making for a better planet.

We also encourage recycling among both staff and residents individually, and we regularly donate items to local organizations. Our efforts are focused through a resident-staff Sustainability Committee, now co-chaired by resident Dick Dowd and General Services Director Jason Spivey. Every year we can get better, and that is our goal. Progress! On behalf of Planet Earth: Thank You!

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