Erickson Living launches online bill pay system at community

By The Riderwood Finance Team

The new online billing site has been created to provide an easy, convenient and secure way for residents to view and pay their monthly statements online. The website can be accessed via computer, tablet or phone and is available 24/7. The site maintains the highest security standards available to protect your information.

To enroll, you will need information printed on the top of your current paper statement to establish a user name (login) and password. Once enrolled, you can view and pay your monthly statement, set up automatic payments, select paperless billing, link multiple accounts together under one login and invite others to view and pay on your behalf. The site provides you the option of paying by check or debit card.

To access the website type the following web address into your browser:

If you have family members or others who pay on your behalf, this is a great way for them to conveniently make the monthly payment. No need to write checks or send envelopes in the mail. Also, you can use this site to set up recurring payments so that your monthly fees will automatically be deducted from an account of your choosing on the 20th of each month.

When the statement is available, you will receive an email notification with a link that you can click on which will take you to the online billing site to view and pay your bill. The site will also maintain a historical record of statements that you can view and print as needed.

Over the next few weeks, the team in Community Finance will provide you with more information on when and how to enroll. We encourage you to enroll in online billing so that you can more closely manage your monthly payment conveniently and at a time that works for you!

Contact your Community Finance
Office at 301-628-3699 if you have any questions. Thank You!

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