CommUNITY Living- Pay it Forward

By Levern Allen

Co-Chair, CommUNITY Living Committee

What was your act of kindness last month? Did you offer a cheery ‘good morning’ to the person you meet each day who never speaks? Did you walk your neighbor’s dog? Have you continued to perform these acts of kindness? If you examine what you have done, you will find that being kind to another brings a good feeling to yourself. Some say it takes a minimum of 21 days to form a habit. April had 30 days.  Did you develop a new habit in April? Pay it Forward Month was a perfect time to change.

I ask these questions because frequently we pass the buck. Blame another. The CommUNITY Living Committee has promoted the 12 Principles of Considerate Conduct for more than two years. These principles are for the community, meaning for those who live, work and visit our campus. Being kind is simply a way to give honor to your neighbor, coworker, or visitor. It is another way to be inclusive; to give respect; and of course, speak kindly.

As this community works together to develop an appreciation and understanding of another’s point of view, it is important that we internalize these principles and make them our own. Let’s not forget that “our actions and expressions affect each other. We live interdependently.”

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