Around the Community: May 2019


Spring blossoms (and quacks) onto the Riderwood campus

Spring has sprung at Riderwood with some beautiful flowers beginning to bloom across the campus. Even though the first official day of spring was March 20, many of the community flowers took some extra time to show up due to some chilly temperatures to finish out the third month of the year. Besides the beautiful flora, some adorable fauna has waddled its way into the courtyard at Arbor Ridge with two families of ducks utilizing the space to wander and enjoy the spring weather. A quick reminder though, please do not feed the ducks or any wildlife on the Riderwood campus.  (Photos by Courtney Coombs & Chris Taydus)

Riderwood welcomes potential residents for Spring EXPO

More than 180 people attended the annual Riderwood Spring Sales EXPO on March 22 in Montgomery Station. The guests, which included a mix of priority list members and new visitors, discovered the benefits of maintenance-free retirement at Riderwood.  They toured the campus, explored available apartment homes, sampled fabulous cuisine, met with the leaders of the many Riderwood groups as well as with a number of resident ambassadors. This year, 183 total guests attend, 10 joined the priority list, 30 requested an appointment to come back and take the next step and 8 reserved an apartment! A special thank you to all those who helped with the event. (Photos by Chris Taydus)

All aspects of wellness highlighted at Health Fair

To promote all facets of health (including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual), the Riderwood Fitness Department put on a health fair on Friday, April 5 in Montgomery Station’s Maryland Hall and the Chesapeake Room, bringing in vendors from outside of Riderwood as well as many resources within the community. This year’s health fair featured around 60 vendors, as well as several lectures and demonstrations including lectures on the benefits of hypnosis and combatting loneliness in the Chesapeake Room, and demonstrations of Tai Chi and Chair Pilates in Maryland Hall. (Photos by Chris Taydus)

Students celebrated at the annual Scholarship Ceremony

On the evening of Wednesday, April 10, the Riderwood student scholars were honored during the Scholarship Fund Ceremony in the Montgomery Station Maryland Hall. Scholarship recipients, their families, residents, and staff of Riderwood gathered together in encouragement and celebration, socializing together and sharing thanks before the ceremony begun. Executive Director Gary Hibbs opened the program with congratulatory remarks to the recipients, which was followed by each recipient stepping up to the podium to share who they were, what school they’ll be attending, their intended field of study, and give thanks to the room. Cynthia Gomes, a scholarship recipient and waitperson in Lakeside’s Overlook Restaurant delighted the attendees with an original Bangladeshi dance set to folk renditions of popular modern songs. Resident Life and Philanthropy Manager Fiona Divecha introduced Charlestown’s Resident Life Director Sherry Parrish, who shared her 10 steps to lifelong learning in her keynote address to recipients. Shelby Meristil of Town Center’s Seasons Restaurant also spoke on the importance of the resident’s generosity and discussed to his future college and career endeavors. (Photos by Chris Taydus)

Cooler weather doesn’t stop bocce opening day

The 2019 Riderwood Bocce season opened on April 16 to great success, although the weather was not as good as promised. The sun was out and the temperature was 57˚F but the wind made it a bit chilly. Nonetheless, there were enough players to use both courts, indicative of another successful season. The group wants to encourage all of you who have not participated to give it a try. It is a low-impact sport which almost everyone can play and provides an opportunity to enjoy an outdoor activity, have fun, and meet new people. Come out any Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday at 10:00 a.m. You can learn to play this simple game in less than five minutes. (Photos by Chris Taydus)

Volunteer Celebration takes a trip back to the past

On April 17 in Maryland Hall, Riderwood took the opportunity to celebrate its over 900 volunteers at the 2019 Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon. Organized by a variety of departments at Riderwood, the celebration had a 1950s diner theme which included some delicious diner style food, root beer floats, 50s style decorations, and costumed staff members. Riderwood Executive Director Gary Hibbs, channeling Elvis Presley, serenaded the crowd with his renditions of “Rock Around the Clock” and “Love Me Tender.” Besides Hibbs, various other Elvises were seen wandering around the event along with some greasers in leather jackets and ladies in their poodle skirts. Once again, a special thank you once again to all the volunteers who assist with making Riderwood an engaging and lively community. (Photos by Chris Taydus & Courtney Coombs)

Residents bid farewell to departing staff members

Earlier this month, the Riderwood community said goodbye to Special Trips Coordinator Janet Birchfield and Community Resources Coordinator Amanda Hixenbaugh at their own farewell celebrations on April 4 and 16 respectively. (Photos by Chris Taydus)

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