Lifetime D.C. area residents find happiness at Riderwood

Jackie and Jim Crowder in their Calvert Landing apartment. (Photo by Chris Taydus)

By Judith Johnson

Resident Writer

Jim and Jackie Crowder moved to Riderwood two months ago after a lifetime of residency in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

Jim was educated in the public schools of the District of Columbia and at Oakwood College, now Oakwood University. in Huntsville, AL. He spent almost 49 years as a Civil Service employee at the Library of Congress, U.S. Military Sea Transportation Service, and U.S. Postal Service. To supplement his income, Jim owned a taxicab and was a waiter and caterer taught by Ridgewells, the outstanding catering company. He acquired White House and State Department clearance and served as a caterer for many years, including for the Board of the National Geographic Society.

Jackie at an early age moved with her parents from Farmville, VA, to Forest Glen, MD. Her father was employed as a custodian at the National Park College, a prestigious finishing school known locally for its wealthy white students. Jackie’s parents, realizing the importance of education gave her every opportunity to achieve her goals. She was educated in the public school systems of Maryland and the District of Columbia, achieving outstanding scholastic awards at Banneker Middle School and Cardoza High School. She graduated from Miner Teacher’s College, Trinity College, and Howard University and was awarded National Science Foundation grants to U.C.L.A. Lawrence Hall of Science.

Since their residency at Riderwood Village, Jim and Jackie have joined the Garden Club, and Jackie has also has interests in Genealogy and the African American History Club.

Jim says, “All of the residents of the fourth floor of Calvert Landing welcomed us as new residents to a special lunch. Never have we been received so graciously.” Jackie says, “We love being at Riderwood and have already acquired some lifetime friends.”

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