Riderwood Rockets preparing for annual softball tournament


By Patrick Curtis

Co-Manager, Riderwood Rockets Softball

The Riderwood Rockets, our preeminent (well, old, if not preeminent) softball team will begin its spring practice season Monday, April 1, at the field behind Calverton Elementary School. Practice will run from 10:00 a.m. to noon every Monday in April and probably Monday and Wednesday in May.

The team is preparing for an annual tournament June 5 held at Charlestown with four Erickson Living facilities competing. We encourage everyone to attend the tournament. It’s a lot of fun, and there’s free food! With the retirement of Coach Charlie Hudson after the 2018 season, the team decided it needed three managers to fill his shoes. They are Arnie Ensfield,
aensfield@gmail.com (301) 273-2355; Bob Tiller, tiller64@rcn.com (301) 273-9193; and Patrick Curtis,
patrickacurtis@verizon.net (301) 273-9368. The team also receives support from Riderwood’s fitness department.

The team features power hitting Richard Bennof and defensive specialists third baseman David Nation and shortstop Patrick Curtis. If there is interest hiding out there, come on out! The team invites both men and women to participate. Practices will start with easy infield/outfield play, hitting off a tee, and hitting off live pitching. Practices will become more challenging as the tournament approaches. Email or call the managers for more information.

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