Riderwood honors volunteers

Residents enjoy the 2019 Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon (Photo by Chris Taydus)

By Judy Felsenfeld

Coordinator, Volunteer Programs

and Nancy Ferrant

Riderwood Resident

National Volunteer Week began in 1974 as a way to recognize and celebrate the efforts of volunteers.  Every US president since President Nixon has issued a proclamation during National Volunteer Week, urging Americans to give their time in the community.

It is with great pleasure and a heartfelt thanks that staff acknowledge our dedicated volunteers during National Volunteer Week. On Wednesday, April 17th, Riderwood will be honoring over 900 volunteers for their service at a reception.  Each resident will receive their 2018 pin for their volunteer service.  Pins will also be delivered to volunteer resident cubbies, for those who are unable to attend the event.

Riderwood residents share themselves in many ways.  In addition to supporting the Benevolent Care, Scholarship and Staff Appreciation Fund, they support their various religious communities.  There are residents who instruct others in English, work at the Treasure Chest, serves as Lion’s Club volunteers, collecting eyeglasses, stamps for veterans and soda tabs. Village Protestant Church assemble Good Samaritan boxes for children around the world.  The joint effort of Circle Fellowship Church and Church of the Resurrection fill back packs.

They participate in supplying materials for the Mobility Carts Project.   CFC also sponsors refugee families.  The Catholic Community, the Jewish Community and Unitarians have active volunteers and also embrace volunteer projects.  RAC members, the Civility Committee, Neighbors in Deed, Coupons Cutters, and Arbor Ridge visitors are other examples of volunteerism here at Riderwood.  We are grateful for so many more and wish we had the space of list all.  Many of you volunteer in your quiet way by helping others in need.   Sometimes the things we really don’t have to do make the biggest difference in someone else’s world.

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