On Board with Pat Davis: April 2019

Pat Davis

By Pat Davis

Director Living in Community, Riderwood Board of Directors

Quizzes, tests, exams…remember them? I bet you’re glad they’re no longer a regular part of your life. But it’s a different story for Riderwood, which is constantly being evaluated in many ways.

Last month I wrote about the Resident Satisfaction Survey, an annual opportunity for residents to grade the community and offer compliments and concerns. You may not, however, be familiar with the yearly Employee Engagement Survey which is just what the name implies.

And, of course, employees have regular performance evaluations, too.

Every month there are a number of objective measures of how Riderwood as a whole is doing. You hear about some at Conversations with Administration, including our all-important occupancy rate and our employee-retention rate, of which we’re particularly proud. A high-level summary of financial measures is appended to each month’s RAC minutes.

Three National Senior Campuses (NSC) Committees – Treasury and Investment, Budget and Finance, and Audit – also keep a close eye on the bottom line. You’ll receive a report from the Audit Committee at Riderwood’s Annual Meeting on May 21.

The NSC Operations and Risk Management Committee bears special responsibility for our communities’ compliance in legal and medical arenas. And you are certainly aware that there is close governmental regulation and oversight in all our health-care operations.

Recently I led Riderwood’s Community Relations Committee (CRC), acting on behalf of the Board, in completing its yearly Management Performance Evaluation. And Board members ourselves are required to complete annual compliance and HIPAA testing and to prepare extensive self-evaluations. That’s a lot of tests!

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