Judith Hensley joins administration team as new executive assistant

Judi headshot2

By Almeda Girod

Resident Writer

There is a new face in the executive suite at Riderwood.

Judi Hensley retired from Verizon in December. She was planning to take a year off before seeking another job, but then the role of Executive Assistant to Gary Hibbs presented itself. Judi’s son, Drew, has worked in dining services at Windsor for more than two years, and she had noted the positive atmosphere in Riderwood’s administration and community. Since she wanted a second career with the opportunity of serving others, the position is a good fit.

Judi grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland, in what she describes as a “perfect middle-class life with a strict Catholic upbringing.” She and her two older brothers had “an idyllic childhood” with caring and attentive parents. Her father worked as a printer for the U.S. Government Printing Office in D.C., and her mother was a full-time homemaker.

For the first fifteen years of her 31-year career at Verizon, Judi worked in Human Resources and Training and Development. She married her husband John in 1993 and the couple had two sons. John was a supportive spouse and father, and his job as a plumber allowed Judi the flexibility of job sharing and part time work when her children were younger.

John’s sudden death in 2010, when the boys were 10 and 14, changed their lives drastically. She made the commitment to return to work full time in an executive assistant job that allowed for flexibility. Judi credits Verizon for being a great place to work and a company that recognizes “the need for balance between work and life…especially when life throws a curve ball.”

Her sons are now 20 and 23. Drew is a sophomore at Montgomery College with plans to transfer to a four-year university. He is studying music with emphasis on music therapy. Luke graduated from Villanova University and is now an English teacher at Thomas S. Wootton High School in Rockville as well as pursuing a master’s degree at George Washington University.

Judi loves reading and travel. She typically reads 50-75 books per year, and her favorite genre is historical fiction, with an emphasis on stories that take place during World War II (her father was a World War II veteran). She recently took a European cruise. Her next trip planned will be Ireland, the home of her ancestors.

Judi compares Riderwood to a “city made up of accomplished people who collectively have broad experiences and stories to share.” She is enjoying meeting residents and staff and adds “the door is always open.”

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