From the R.A.C.: April 2019

Bette Martin

By Bette Martin

Secretary, Resident Advisory Council

In politics, a frequent meme is “It’s the economy, stupid!” At Riderwood, what we often hear is “More communication, PLEASE!” or “Why weren’t we told….?”

Frankly, it’s true! Getting information to all residents in a community as large as Riderwood is a never-ending challenge. Even with the Reporter and the monthly calendar and Riderwood TV and the bulletin boards and flyers in our elevators and the video screens outside our restaurants and large lobby posters and memos on our package shelves, some of us don’t find out what we would want to know.

The Resident Advisory Council (RAC) is committed to responding to your concerns and getting information to you.

For the coming year, the RAC officers and liaisons to Riderwood departments are: Elenora Giddings Ivory, chair; Carmen Maymi, Finance and interim vice chair; Bette Martin, secretary; Rose Cannon, Resident Life; Bill Harris, Dining Services; Tom Kelley, Sales and Human Resources; Jack Wachtman, General Services; Linda Wanner, Information Officer; Suzan Wynne, Arbor Ridge, Medical Center, Home Health and Home Support.

As the new RAC secretary, one of my main responsibilities is to make the minutes of RAC meetings available to the community. You can read printed copies of minutes in the large RAC binders in each clubhouse. You will soon get information from me on how to sign up to get the minutes sent to you via email.

Please know that the RAC will continue to work on improving and enhancing communication so that no one here need say to us, “It’s communication, stupid!”

Financial F.A.Q.s

Why are occupancy rates important, and how does Riderwood compare to other Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs)?

A high occupancy rate is important, because it demonstrates a vibrant community with excellent services and amenities that residents value.  Also, it is one of the primary factors determining the financial strength of a community. In 2018, Riderwood averaged an occupancy rate of 96.1%,  as compared to the overall Erickson communities’ rate of 95% and a 2018 average nationwide Independent Living occupancy rate of 90%.  Continuing Care occupancy rates (comprised of Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Skilled Nursing), also  show quite favorably with Riderwood at 92.2%, Erickson at 93.3% and a nationwide number of 85.5% for 2018.

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