Executive Insight: April 2019


By Laura McCormick

Practice Administrator, Medical Center

We live in an amazing time in medicine. Through science and technology, we have made remarkable advances. We are making new discoveries and delivering the highest-quality medical care the world has ever known.

Clearly, we have the professional and clinical skills to deliver these wonders. But what about the people skills to also comfort the residents who come to us? The Medical Center saw the need to get back to the basics and implement a more value-based approach; to treat Riderwood residents not just with excellent medical advice and treatment, but also treat them with the respect and compassion they deserve. We recognized that the residents who come to us are more than just patients. They are wives and husbands, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grandparents, friends and neighbors.  Everyone is unique and we have the privilege to connect with each one of them.

It starts the moment the resident walks through the Medical Center front door.  We do this with some old-fashioned good manners.  We want the residents to feel welcome and have a positive experience. A simple smile and greeting from the front desk staff lets the resident know we value them, and we are happy to assist them today. If we are on the phone we will make eye contact with a smile and acknowledge the resident standing there.

When it’s time to go back for their visit the staff will greet the resident and assist them to the back office. We encourage the residents to share their values, preferences, and needs so we can customize their care. After all vitals are done, the medical assistant will ask the resident and any guest if they would like any water while they wait for the physician. During the visit residents are treated with dignity and respect. Providers take time and listen to the needs of the patients. At the end of the visit the providers review and print out care instructions for the residents.  Before leaving the medical center, the resident’s final stop is the checkout station. Again the resident is greeted with a smile and asked if all their needs were met during their visit. The staff assists with scheduling a next visit by asking the resident what time and day is best for the resident. Staff members wish all  residents well as they exit the medical center.

We must never lose sight of the residents’ needs. It is our responsibility to not just treat our patients, but also to embrace them. We recognize that we are called to do whatever we can to uplift their day and to make life better.

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