Tell us about your Riderwood Connect issues

By Brian Gentile

Regional IT Manager, Erickson Living

As you know, we had a Town Hall on November 28 about Riderwood Connect to solicit information about problems residents are having with Connect. Now we want to follow up to provide an update on the progress we’ve made since then.  We are determined to address and resolve all of the problems residents may be experiencing.  However, we need your help to let us know about the issues that you face personally.

Please call our Connect Help Desk at 1-800-677-0211 if you are experiencing problems with signal strength or inconsistent connectivity.  We are dedicated to resolving these problems for all residents.

We are also providing details of our lists so far, what we have accomplished, and our next steps.

We have compiled a list of 19 residents who have reported experiences with weak signal strength or inconsistent connectivity in their apartments. Thus far, we’ve scheduled, visited and resolved 6 of them without the need to add any additional hardware or wiring.  By the end of February, we plan to have scheduled, visited and resolved the remaining reported issues, including additional equipment or cabling, if necessary.

Thank you all for your attention and feedback! We will provide similar updates each month so that you are all aware of our focus on resolving all of these issues.

If you should be on our list because you are experiencing poor signal strength or inconsistent connectivity, call us at (800) 677-0211 to schedule an appointment.  We want to make sure all residents are heard and satisfied with the performance of Riderwood Connect.

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