Tales from Riderwood spring edition hits stands

Resident Writer

The spring issue of Tales from Riderwood will appear soon if it isn’t already at the front desk or the shelves by the mailboxes in each neighborhood. Check out a chance encounter with the Riderwood Liars Club and an aviation pioneer. Learn how a daughter taught her family to persevere. Go for a dark ride on the Staten Island Ferry.

Tales is published four times a year by the Riderwood Writer’s Guild. The Guild meets at 3:00 p.m. on the last Monday of the month in the Montgomery Station classroom, and all are welcome. Attendees are invited to read their own original stories, memoirs or poems.

The Editorial Board looks for stories and poems that show a logical structure, e.g. a beginning, middle and end; as well as work that delivers a punch line, a climax, or a compelling outcome. Sometimes the editors receive submissions that read like personal journal entries, with no real story to tell. Tales wants to publish residents who want to leave something behind for their grandkids who, for the most part, have very short attention spans.

In order to appear four times per year, plans are to publish Tales in fewer pages than in the past. Submissions may become more competitive. The deadline for submissions for the Spring issue is April 1. See the latest issue of Tales for submission requirements.

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