Scholarship Fund campaign kicks off March 4

By Fiona Divecha

Manager, Resident Life & Philanthropy

The 2019 Scholarship Fund Campaign will start on Monday, March 4, and continue until Thursday, April 4.  During this time, we want to ask residents who want to encourage our staff to pursue higher education, to give a gift from the heart. In January, the Scholarship Committee went through an extensive application process with the applicants.  This year we have 80 eligible recipients of the 2019 Riderwood Scholarship Fund.  We are sometimes asked, “Why should I give?”  The simple answer is because it makes a difference in people’s lives.  We offer you two students’ essays from their application.  They tell you, in their own words, their goals and impact you make in their lives:

How Riderwood Has Helped and Influenced Me

by Brian Enwereuzo

BrianEnwereuzoEver since I started working in Riderwood in May 2017, it has been nothing but a learning experience for me. I learned about the importance of hospitality and good etiquette from the service that I brought towards the residents. Patience is an important quality in life, and Riderwood helped me to strengthen my patience and prepare me for the outside world. It also helped me to handle difficult decisions and carry out precise judgments outside of the workplace. The most important quality that Riderwood influenced in me is the ability to multitask. Multitasking is very important in the work field, and it helps us to be more efficient in handling any task given whether it is at school or the work field.

My future career has always been to become a lawyer. Law is a career that I found very interesting because of how order and justice are maintained in the court. The desire to help others and deliver the right decision is something that I have always desired. As I continue with my education, it will give me opportunities and help me gain the necessary experiences to achieve my goal.

Working Hard to Achieve My Dreams

by Cindy Enwereuzo

CindyEnwereuzoThroughout my years in high school, I’ve been exposed to various programs like attending Thomas Edison High School of Technology, workshops, and clubs including Advanced Placement (AP) subjects that fit my career interest. Today I am now certain on the career I am interested in because I was able to realize earlier that what I truly want to pursue is child psychology. As a high school senior, it is my goal to get good grades and pass all of my classes. As an Honor Roll student, one’s overall grades reflect an individual’s general ability.

Working at Riderwood Village has not only given me a glimpse of what the real world is like, but it has also taught me important habits like multitasking when serving more than one table at a time; and organization, which is important in performing certain tasks like doing roll-ups or setting up a table. It has also taught me about diversity, which I didn’t really know so much about. It has equipped me and got me ready to be able to work and interact with anybody regardless of age, religion, ethnic background and race. Finally, it has taught me the importance of grandparents and having patience with them. As I reflect on myself today, I see myself growing every day in different aspects of time management, responsibility and appreciation.

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