On Board with Pat Davis

By Pat Davis

Director Living in Community, Riderwood Board of Directors

As you learned recently, Riderwood has a new Chair for our Board of Directors. Former Chair Jim Anders is well known to staff and residents from his long service to the community. Jim first became involved with the Erickson enterprise many years ago when consulted by his aunt who was considering moving into Oak Crest, a sister community near Baltimore. Jim is a CPA (in his day job he’s the COO of the prestigious Kennedy-Krieger Institute), and his aunt wanted to be sure Oak Crest was financially stable. That turned out to be a wise move, as she lived to 102!

Jim met with John Erickson and quickly was recruited for the Board of Directors. In those early days, he learned about a proposed new community, Riderwood Village, when it was still a series of sketches on scrap paper.

All who have had the privilege of knowing and working with Jim offer him profound thanks and our very best wishes – and we welcome our new Chair of the Riderwood Board of Directors, Mary Colins. Mary is a retired Senior Trial Judge from Philadelphia. She now serves on Riderwood’s Community Relations Committee (CRC) and on the CRCs of two Erickson-managed communities in Pennsylvania. She is also a member of the Board of National Senior Campuses, our supporting organization, and of two of its Advisory Committees – Diversity, Inclusion, and Corporate Social Responsibility and Governance and Internal Affairs. You can welcome her personally at the Annual Town Hall on May 21.

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