Maps detail global reach of the Riderwood workforce

By Bob Merikangas
Resident Writer

Since the end of last year, the residents of Riderwood have heightened their awareness of their common goal for the “intentional inclusion” of all of us here. One way the inclusion is being promoted is in the programs of Stand Up, Stand With, Stand Together. Sponsored by the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, CommUNITY Living Committee, Resident Advisory Council and Riderwood Administration, the program included presentations by panelists in November and December, 2018, and facilitated discussions in which everyone has been encouraged to appreciate how global we are at Riderwood.

In support of this, for some time now we have had maps of the world on walls near each neighborhood dining room. The maps have pins in them, put there by the staff of the dining room, indicating their country of origin or a place that has special meaning to them. Residents can check out all the maps to get a sense of the global diversity of the staff. From checking one map in January, we found places of origin or special meaning in these countries: United States, Latin/Central America, Africa, India, Vietnam, and Europe. More pins may be added in the future, and certainly residents might ask about a staff member’s personal connections to the world, and whether they have added a pin.

Certainly, the diversity of people at Riderwood can be made manifest in how people look and how they sound, as well as where they place their pins. A pin may open up the diversity in a person’s family, parents, grandparents, and more.  What a wonderful way to recognize and celebrate the diversity we have at Riderwood!

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