Greetings from Administration

By Gary Hibbs

Executive Director

Author Jean Hersey said, “In March winter is holding back and spring is pulling forward. Something holds, and something pulls inside of us too.” I like that…in March we feel a bit of the hangover of the cold of winter yet the hope of spring, a new day, is with us, too.

I know that the analogy breaks down somewhere, but as I look at the physical plant changes, we are experiencing here at Riderwood, I see the challenges of construction: noise, mud, dust, tight spaces… the list can go on. I compare it to the winter weather. Not always pleasant. Sometimes a real pain! Yet done with the hope of newness in the near future.

The challenges really will give way to the hope of “spring,” a new physical plant, eventually. Sometimes the “winter” in a construction project hangs on longer than we’d like. This is especially true since the permitting process is not entirely in our control (actually not at all in our control!), or that sometimes we run into unforeseen obstacles such as the location of things underground which have to be moved in order to build something new, which is what has happened with the new Wellness Center. As I write this, we are working to move certain underground lines that were initially placed before this project was even contemplated. That has added to our timeline.

Yet, with all of the “winter weather” that accompanies a new project and construction, we are fully confident that the “spring weather” will come. And, that it will be a glorious spring. As I’ve said in many venues, this construction season is forecasted to be a real pain as we also embark on repositioning in Lakeside Commons and the construction of a new elevator in Calvert Landing in addition to the new Wellness Center. Thanks for hanging in there. It will get better. Spring is coming in more ways than one!

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