Five new members elected to Resident Advisory Council

By Elenora Giddings Ivory

Vice Chair & Information Officer, R.A.C.

Election Day for new members of the Resident Advisory Council (RAC) was held across the campus on February 5 and 6. The results are:  Rose Cannon and Linda Wanner were elected for a first two-year term and Bette Martin and Suzan Wynne have each won second two-year terms. Jack Wachtman, who served previously on the RAC, has gained another two-year term.

The present RAC and the entire Riderwood community thank the newly elected members and the other candidates for their generosity and willingness to serve in this way. One of the tasks of each RAC member is to serve as a liaison to a particular Riderwood management department. These assignments will be announced soon. After our scheduled February 26 meeting, we will also announce a replacement for the seat being vacated by Lou Ferguson due to pressing family health issues. There is one year left in this term.

As we welcome the newly elected members to the RAC, we also extend profound thanks to our current members who are leaving at the end of their terms. You have served Riderwood well with your time and talents. Be proud of your accomplishments for this community.

We are most grateful to the staff and residents who assisted us in these elections. Your hard work helped to move the process along efficiently and successfully. The greatest thanks go to you, the residents who participated in the process. There were 1,063 votes processed in the count. By supporting the RAC, you know you are ensuring you are represented with the administration of Riderwood Village. Once again, congratulations to our newly elected members. They are looking forward to serving you.

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