Executive Insight with Mark Embley

By Mark Embley

Director, Finance

From March 3 – 5, the leadership members of all communities managed by Erickson Living will gather in Baltimore for the Erickson Annual Meeting. I look forward with great eagerness to get together, connect, strengthen relationships, and learn about where we’re evolving as a company. There’s a strong focus on accomplishments, strategic and innovative growth, and how the mission of Erickson is being realized by no less than 24,000 residents.

As this year’s meeting is approaching, my mind is called back to the 2017 Annual Meeting, where we spent time discussing the “Erickson Way.” It’s a simple, yet impactful statement: “Living our values, one interaction at a time.” I appreciate the intentionality and focus this brings – a call to care and be present in all we do, and to do so in a way the promotes community in building each other up.

Prior to joining the Riderwood team in October of 2015, I had heard many good things about the Erickson mission, vision, and core values. Upon starting, and continuing to this day, I’m not disappointed and feel grateful to be part of this mission-oriented community. In prior companies I’ve worked for, mission and vision statements were hung on a wall – often that’s where they remained. Our mission and vision don’t merely live on the walls of our offices; rather, they live in our interactions and what we strive to share through our gifts and talents.

Consider the amount of opportunities to connect. There are more than 4,000 unique people that either work for or call Riderwood home. If you tried to connect with one unique person per day, it would take you almost eleven years before you finished the task of sharing our values with everyone. With the rate of new residents and staff joining the community on an on-going basis, you might suspect that this extends to much more than eleven years and may never have an upper bound. What an opportunity before us!

May we all seek to promote strong values and build each other up “one interaction at a time.”

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