CommUNITY Living- Welcome to Spring

By Bea Rodgers

Member, CommUNITY Living Committee

Welcome to Spring! (I think). As we begin to smell the new beginnings of grass, flowers, and tree buds and hear wonderful songbirds, we know that a new beginning is truly just around the corner. The CommUNITY Living Committee is continuing to explore creative ways of highlighting the Principles of Civility. We hope many of you have viewed the vignettes depicting each of the principles on Riderwood TV channel 972. The Committee also partnered with the Diversity and Inclusion Committee to sponsor the program Stand Up, Stand With, Stand Together with a series of events. These activities will continue.

We anticipate new events and programs which will be directed to our efforts of promoting the 12 Principles of Civility as well as inclusion and promoting self-improvement. There are so many opportunities at Riderwood in which everyone can get involved. While we look to sponsoring more programs during the year, we call attention to “Well and Informed,” the excellent monthly newsletter distributed by Riderwood’s Fitness team. Have you seen it? It has wonderful fitness tips, motivational messages and creative approaches to exercises. There is a copy for you at your nearest fitness center.

There are many additional activities in which we can become involved. Try a book club, a new or different course, a new or different exercise class, and discussions following a movie. Think about it. There are so many opportunities to promote harmonious living among your neighbors as well as staff and visitors. This is our community, all of us. Let’s welcome spring as we CHOOSE CIVILITY.

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