On Board with Pat Davis: February 2019

Pat Davis

By Pat Davis

Director Living in Community, Riderwood Board of Directors

Most of the work I do as the resident member of the Riderwood Village Board of Directors follows a predictable pattern throughout the year. Typically, the first major task involves studying the previous year’s Resident Satisfaction Survey (RSS) results. Each fall, residents, or in some cases their representatives, are strongly encouraged to complete the annual survey. This year 73.2% responded, and the Board is grateful to them all.

It takes several months to compile, analyze in detail, and compare the results, so the Report reaches our hands in early January. It contains over 350 pages including 250+ single-spaced pages of verbatim comments submitted by responding residents. Just thoughtfully reading the report is a tremendous job – but a fascinating and important one.

A valuable aspect of the RSS analysis lies in the three kinds of comparisons it makes. First, comparisons are made year-to-year. How did residents’ responses to the question related to “value for price paid?” (one of the most important ones) compare to responses in previous years? (It improved slightly in 2018.) Second, it compares our outcomes to other Erickson-managed communities. Moreover, because the Holleran consulting company surveys hundreds of continuing care retirement communities all over the country, our ratings can be compared across the industry.

Finally, each Riderwood department manager meets with his or her team to review the relevant results in detail and uses them to develop an action plan for the coming year. Thanks to all respondents for being a vital part of that process!

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