Swift911 launches at Riderwood

The new text message alert system will help keep residents and staff informed in the event of an emergency on the campus.

By Andrew Janosko
Senior Facilities Manager

In an effort to provide alerts to Riderwood residents, staff, and visitors when emergency situations occur on our campus, we have implemented an opt-in emergency text alert program called Swift911™.

By opting in to receive text alerts, you will receive notifications of situations like significant weather events, fire, or environmental emergency, police activity nearby, or an active shooter. We will continue to utilize the Swift Reach phone notification system as we have in the past; however, this new feature is designed for immediate text notifications to your cell phone during emergency situations.

Please follow the steps below to sign up for Swift911™:

1. Text the word “Add” to 240-713-6505. You will receive a confirmation message from Swift911™ that reads: “Thank you for registering for Riderwood Emergency Alerts.” This confirmation indicates that you have given your permission to receive messages in the future.

2. You may also receive an invitation to download the public app. Please note that this is optional, and you do not need to download this app to receive the emergency alert texts.

3. At any time, you can text “Stop” to opt-out of the text messages.

Several different wireless carriers and not all cellular phones may receive the messages as described above. If you do not receive any response, or for technical support, please contact the IT Service Desk at 410-402-2411. For any other questions or concerns, please contact Andrew Janosko, Senior Facilities Manager at
(301) 572-8399 ext 606-2234.

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