Riderwood welcomes new Resident Life Director

By Chris Taydus

Riderwood is excited to announce the hiring of a new Resident Life Director, Lori Simpson. Lori started with the community on December 11 overseeing a variety of departments including Resident Services, Certified Home Health, Home Support, Fitness, Community Resources, Volunteer Programs, Philanthropy, and Community TV. She brings over 20 years of progressive management, clinical, and executive experience in the senior living industry to Riderwood.

Most recently, Lori served as Director of Resident Services at Goodwin House in Falls Church, VA.  During her career, Lori has had responsibility for most of the functions that make up our Resident Life team, including certified home health and private pay home support, resident services/social work, and community resources/activities.  In addition, Lori is a licensed nursing home administrator who brings robust experience in our full healthcare continuum.

Not only is Lori a great fit for Riderwood’s Resident Life department, the community is a good fit for her. “Riderwood has tremendous potential for advancement and learning and growth with the University [of Maryland Baltimore County] and all of the building taking place,” she says.

As it pertains to the Resident Life department, Lori hasn’t formulated a grand plan just yet. “I’m on day six…I’m still trying to find out my team’s talents and strengths,” she states. “I think in order to have a plan, you have to know what the strengths of your team are…and there are a lot of strengths here.”

Work isn’t Lori’s only focus though. She believes heavily in a good work-life balance. She and her husband, John, live in Ashburn, Virginia. John works as a cost analyst for a government contractor and often travels overseas to various embassies.

She has three children. Her oldest daughter Megan works as an Occupational Therapist in Silver Spring for the Auburn School, a specialized educational program for children with challenges in the areas of communication, socialization, pragmatic language, and organization. Lori’s son Daniel is a history major at Northern Virginia Community College in Loudon, Virginia. Her youngest child, daughter Julianna, is studying deaf education at Barton College in North Carolina. Lori also has a German Shepard named Rogue who is a service dog in training.

And Lori wants to get to know the residents too. “[Residents] can expect an open door,” she expresses. “I want people to approach me, so I can get to know them and what they participate in or are involved in or what’s important to them.” So be sure to introduce yourself to Lori when you see her around Riderwood.

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