Making those resolutions count!


By Elaine Hauptman
Resident Writer

Welcoming 2019 and beginning a clean slate cleanses the spirit, the body and the soul.  What resolutions did you promise yourself for the New Year?

Regardless of sex, age, nationality or ethnic background, the most important decision to follow in 2019 for most people is healthy living. To some, that means losing weight. To others, it connotes muscle gain. To others, it means cutting out soda from their daily diet. But the main premise is to love yourself. Find a mentor or coach to help you attain your goals.

Riderwood offers every aspect of fitness. Yoga, tennis, dance, personal training, group aerobics, aquatics, moving to the Latin beat, pickleball, Tai Chi, gardening, ballroom dancing, and simply walking around campus all provide great cardiac, muscle and weight control options.

The second most popular resolution is to read more books. That’s an easy assignment for Riderwood residents. There are numerous book clubs, literature classes offered at PGCC, short-story discussion groups, Village Square, Town Center, Lakeside and Montgomery Station Library Committees, the Riderwood Jewish Book Club, and several less formal book discussions on campus.

Another priority for many people is to start a journal. Writing is a wonderful catharsis for the mind and soul. Here at Riderwood residents have the opportunity to write for the Riderwood Reporter, work in the television studio, or create works of literature for the Tales From Riderwood. All these activities enhance and augment the scope of creative writing.

High on the priority list of resolutions is the commitment to volunteer and share your expertise with others. Here, on campus, you can join the Welcoming Committee, Neighbors in Deed, Love Notes, Hospice, Friends of Habitat for Humanity, the Lions Club, the hospitality committees of each faith, and many other ministerial opportunities that offer your services to others. Offer to walk a neighbor’s dog, give support for food shopping, visit a lonely neighbor, pledge your help at Arbor Ridge.

Relieving stress is also a major goal for people of all ages. What better way to accomplish this objective than helping others, participating in club activities, meeting new friends, expressing your thoughts and concerns in written expression, start a new hobby or interest, and just keep smiling.

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